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Recycling Champion :: November 2009 :: Shaun Cohan

Shaun Cohan has been selected as Chelmsford’s Recycling Champion for November 2009. Shaun is minimizing trash for his household by reusing and recycling, which helps save our town money and reduces his environmental impact. Shaun's efforts have paid off: on average the Cohans only have one barrel of trash a week for a family of four and one or two recycling barrels every two weeks. Chelmsford Recycling Committee (CRC) volunteer Bonnie Rankin stopped in to visit the Cohan household and find out how they do it.

Shaun CohanThe Cohan’s understand the importance of reducing the amount of their trash because it helps the environment. Also, in Chelmsford our trash goes to an incinerator and the town pays $74.50/ ton, so the less trash we put out at the curb the lower the cost to the town. Reducing, reusing and recycling help us keep our trash tonnage low. Shaun Cohan has gone above and beyond the basic 3 Rs—Reduce, Reuse and Recycle—and has taken it to the next level: 5 Rs. How could that be, you ask? Shaun and his family Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Reclaim.

Shaun’s wife, Marcia, and two sons Taylor and Calvin nominated him for Chelmsford Recycling Champion for all the effort he puts into recycling. They take recycling and composting very seriously in the Cohan household. Containers are brought home from work to be sure they get recycled. Banana peels are brought home to be composted. Shaun’s sons help out with all of the recycling in the house. Taylor is in charge of their curbside recycling and Calvin is responsible for taking out the compost. Recycling is a family affair in this household. Shaun is an avid composter, composting kitchen waste and his leaves in the fall. The Cohans turn their compost every season, and use their compost soil in their garden. Marcia, Shaun’s wife, is proud that they never have to buy bags of soil when starting a gardening project. When trimming trees they even save the branches to use as stakes for their vegetables, or kindling for their fireplace.

They have also taken advantage of the composting programs offered at the library to learn more about it. Shaun brings his waste free philosophy into every aspect of his life. He is an amazing carpenter, and has used repurposed and reclaimed wood to create several home improvement projects as well as wonderful pieces of furniture. Every room in his house holds a wonderful piece of his craftsmanship, end tables, footrests, blanket chests, and a wonderful mantle that hangs in the hallway. In decorating their home they have used many repurposed things. After the ice storm last winter they found downed birch branches which now hang over their windows as valences. Working for Youth Build Lowell-Community Team Work, Shaun helps at-risk youth learn a valuable skill. His recycling efforts could teach us all a little something too. Congratulations Shaun, you are the November 2009 Recycling Champion.

The Chelmsford Recycling Committee is pleased to recognize Shaun Cohan as Chelmsford’s Recycling Champion for November 2009. We hope every resident can make similar efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. All of our efforts together will save the town money and improve the environment! In appreciation for his efforts, we have provided Shaun a gift certificate donated by Fishbones Restaurant.

Do you ynow a Recycling Champion? The CRC is accepting nominations for Recycling Champions and will interview nominees to evaluate their skills. Each month the CRC will publish a new Champion's recycling story and tips. To nominate please send the name, address, and a few words about your nominee's recycling prowess to:

Article written by Bonnie Rankin, Chelmsford Recycling Committee


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