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Recycling Champion Program

Do you know a RECYCLING CHAMPION? Someone who recycles everything they can? Has less trash than recycling? Has memorized the annual Recycling Flyer and is a neighborhood expert on REDUCING, REUSING, and SAVING the town money?

The Chelmsford Recycling Committee (CRC) is accepting nominations for Recycling Champions. The CRC will interview nominees and evaluate their curbside recycling skills.

Each month the CRC will publish a new Champion's recycling story and tips. Prizes for Champions will include gift certificates to area restaurants. Gift certificates in support of this program have been generously donated by Fishbones and Café Madrid. To nominate please send the name, address, and a few words about your nominee's recycling prowess to

Guidelines and information for the Recycling Champion Program:

  1. Above average recyclers and reducers. This will be evident by amounts, condition, and organization of curbside trash and recycling.
  2. Less curbside trash than recycling for at least two biweekly recycling events (1 month).
  3. No visible recyclables in the trash, and containers of trash and recyclables should be clearly marked and segregated.
  4. Paper and cardboard is properly prepared and packaged (no
    plastic bags), no styrofoam… all the usual recycling rules described in the annual flyer.

What Happens Next?

  1. Potential Recycling Champions will be interviewed to obtain their approval for publicity and to gather information on their recycling and waste reduction techniques.
  2. The resident will be given information on the RCP. The resident can be asked if they would like to be a candidate, and if so, an interview is arranged.
  3. During the interview, standard questions will be asked about regarding their recycling habits and organization techniques.
  4. A copy of the article will be given to the resident prior to publication in the paper and on the web.

meet the CHAMPIONS and learn some great TIPS!

Congratulations to....
October CHS Students: Arielle Keller, Emily Totten, Rachael Kane, Stephanie Dick
CHS Faculty Advisor: Steven Courtemanche
February Rebecca Markey
2009 Recycling Champions
November Shaun Cohan
Petr Honcu
Ian Wallace
Lisa Wessan
Kristy Medina
John Donahue and his family




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