Chelmsford Recycles!  

 Getting Started Find out how easy it can be to start recycling!

1. Pick up a recycling bin or sticker from the Town Hall.

Each household is entitled to 2 FREE bins, which are available at the Recycling office at the Town Hall. Please contact the Recycling Coordinator before traveling to the office to make sure someone can help you with bins. Call 978-250-5203 or email,

If you recycle more than 2 bins will hold (good for you!), consider picking up a recycling sticker(s):

  • Apply the sticker to your own 64 gallon trash-type barrel
  • Use the barrel for glass, bottles and cans
  • DO NOT use the barrel for cardboard or paper (it can get too heavy)

Why use a trash-type barrel for recyclables?

  • They hold more of your recyclables
  • Lids keep recyclables dry
  • Many have have wheels so they can be rolled to the curb

For more detailed information, check the Recycling Flyer.

Listed below are the guidelines for preparing your items for recycling:

  • No limit to the number of recycling bins/barrels for curbside pickup

  • Each container should weigh no more than 50 lbs

  • All recyclables can be placed in the same containers
    (although you can separate recyclables if you like)

  • Refer to Recycling Items (a-z) for preparing items for recycling
  • Large pieces of corrugated cardboard should be flattened and placed under or between recycling containers (this helps keep the cardboard from getting blown away)

  • Set recycling containers at least three feet from your trash

  • Do not block sidewalks or access to mailbox
2. Select an area in your home for your recyclables.

Start recycling with “baby steps”. It can be quite overwhelming to begin recycling. Where do you start? Piles of paper, lots of plastic, metal cans everywhere! When looking at the "big picture," recycling can indeed seem overwhelming. By creating manageable tasks for yourself and your household, you can break down your "green project" into smaller tasks. Your goal is to reduce trash and save the environment.

Start to think about everyday items where you can start to recycle. Perhaps you could start with paper, such as newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, wrapping paper, and so on. Next, determine where your recycling bins/containers should be placed based on how frequently you will be using them. It could be an additional bin under your sink or a barrel right outside the entrance to your garage or cellar where you can easily access them.

Here are some ideas for paper recycling:

  • Sort your mail! Try this mail-handling routine – touch it once!
    Sort through your mail while standing next to a paper bag. Throw away junk mail and catalogs immediately. Open the bills and any correspondence that you need to address, and file accordingly, then discard the envelopes and advertisements in the bag.

  • Stop junk mail! You can reduce the amount of junk mail that comes to your home by calling the Recycling Office (978-250-5203) to request a JUNK MAIL REDUCTION kit.

Contact Direct Marketing Association and have your name removed from direct mailins. For more information how this works, go to:

  • Recycle newspapers and magazines! Place a pretty recycling basket in the room where you typically read the newspaper or magazines. When you are finished looking at it, toss it in the basket. When the basket is full, place all the items into a paper bag (to keep the papers from flying out of the bin) and then put it in your recycling bin for scheduled pickup (page 2).

Here are some ideas for organizing a recycling area:

3. Post the Pickup Schedule.

Post the recycling pickup schedule (page 2) where everyone in the household can see it.

4. Talk to household members to get them involved!

Teaching your household members how to protect the environment will do a wonderful service for the world, and will provide lessons that they can take with them throughout their lives.


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