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Congratulations to all our award and contest winners!


America Recycles Day
Close the Loop Pledge
Award Winner

The Chelmsford Recycling Committee, in recognition of America Recycles Day on November 15, offered Chelmsford residents the opportunity to take a pledge to "close the loop" by both recycling and buying recycled products. Those who submitted their pledge forms to the Town's Recycling Office in November were entered in a drawing for a basket filled with wonderful products donated by members and friends of the Recycling Committee. All of the donated gifts are made out of recycled material.

Chelmsford resident Janet Paton won the basket, and is shown with Recycling Committee member Bonnie Rankin, who spearheaded the project. Janet is an avid recycler who puts out two or three containers filled with recyclables on recycling weeks, and only one bag of trash per week. In addition, she recently got her church to start recycling. The Town and the Chelmsford Recycling Committee congratulate Janet and thank her for her waste reduction efforts. We encourage everyone to recycle, to reduce their solid waste output, and when shopping, to "close the loop" by purchasing products that contain recycled content and that are themselves recyclable. For more information on recycling in Chelmsford, visit or call 978-250-5203.

Janet Paton and Bonnie Rankin

America Recycles Day
Poster and Essay Contest

In recognition of America Recycles Day on November 15, the Chelmsford Recycling Committee wants to get students thinking about key environmental issues, the ways ordinary people can have a positive impact on the environment, and messages today’s young people would like their leaders to hear about environmental protection.

MEET THE WINNERS! The winning posters were selected by the CRC at the November 5th meeting. Winners were Jordan H. in the Kindergarten group, Jonathan C. in the Grade 1-2 group, and Abby S. in the Grade 3-4 group. Students in grades four and higher were also challenged to write an essay on the same theme. The winner here was Anna M. in Grade 4. Winners received Juice Box Bags that were made from recycled juice boxes. Congratulations to all!

Winning Essay and Posters

Anna M, Grade 4

Jordan H., Kindergarten


Jonathan C., Grade 1-2 Group

Abby S, Grade 3-4 Group



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