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Let It Rot? by Bonnie Rankin, 2008
The thought of Spring reminds me of that dank rich organic smell that occurs when the rains come and the snow melts. The leaves are decomposing, the soil is waking up, and spring is in the air. That wonderful smell is the smell of compost and the promise of warm weather to come. What exactly is compost? Compost is decayed matter such as manure, leaves and other organic substances used to improve the minerals and nutrients of the soil, usually a garden. Home composting is primarily vegetable based kitchen waste collected for placement in an outdoor compost container. Doing this reduces considerably the amount we throw away.  »» more
Step up to Recycling Do You Support Recycling? by Norm Eisenmann, 2008
Do you support recycling? I don’t mean do you toss a few items into your recycling bin when you get the urge to be nice to the environment, but do you really support recycling? If you want to help manufacturers "see the light" and produce more products made from recycled material, you need to look for products made from recycled material when you go shopping.  »» more
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